A correction

So it seems that the image that has been floating around the internet accompanying the announcement that Rampling will be the face of NARS  Anniversary campaign is not by NARS after all. This is excellent news. The image has been published widely and also by a number of fashion and beauty blogs, such as That's not my age and The Beauty Plus and it has been used in various other publications. I would like to thank LR Fredericks for checking things.
So we shall have to wait and see. It is good though that the image has received a lot of 'thumbs down' by many women, revealing their  discontent for extreme photoshopping  and their desire to see wrinkles being celebrated.
So let's hope NARS listens!

Photo of me for Lux Tenebrae by Adam Robertson. Design and Styling by Jules Hawkins


  1. im 27 and i am so mesmerized by your beauty, ugh so hot


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