Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sleeking in Croatia

Dubrovnik: aerial view. Google images

That's right. Sleeking is a neologism and it refers to what we do when we practice Sleek technique. A group of us is off to Croatia, Dubrovnik area, for a retreat: lots of sleeking and delicious healthy food, plenty of sunshine and a relaxed time in a wonderful historic region. Fans of the Game of Thrones have seen images of Dubrovnik many times!
Really looking forward to it, especially the sunshine, now that the usual cold and rainy weather is back in England with a vengeance.
I am taking my camera so I hope to get lots of beautiful pictures.

Meanwhile if you missed Hair Series 2 last night - you can see it on BBC iPlayer, here are some pictures from the freestyle competition where I was Phil's model and was turned into Miss Havesham, The Jilted Bride (all you Dickens' fans will recognise her at once). I am so pleased Phil managed to secure third place and thus is carrying on to the next round. It's getting very competitive now, but that's what it's all about.

Phil, me and Alain Pichon
I loved the very long plait, Phil  added extensions to make my hair fall to my ankles. I have kept some of that hair but have not used it yet, my own keeps me busy enough.
I am taking a break from blogging till I come back next week.
Bye for now!

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