Wearing a bikini after the age of fifty

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The Body aka Elle Macpherson is in the news for wearing a bikini at the age of 51. Well, what else would  you expect Macpherson to wear while holidaying on a yacht? I am surprised she is not naked. Oh, but she is 51, she should not wear a bikini. Really? Should'nt she? Elle Macpherson is over 6 foot tall and has some of the longest legs in the modelling business (legs do not get shorter as you age, not normally). She launched her own bikini and lingerie line a few years ago. As a former supermodel and  now a business woman working in fashion she would be a fool to neglect her body and not appear fit enough to wear her own designs. Even at the age of 51.
Bond girl Monica Bellucci, aged 50, wears a bikini and she too looks amazing.

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And what is it with this 'bikini age' anyway?
I am personally not a great fan of bikinis. I prefer one piece swimming suits or nothing at all because I really love swimming and bikinis are not ideal for that. They are fine however for sunbathing and walking on the shore, which is great for your legs , especially the ankles.

Photographer: Adam Robertson. Model: me. Designer: Lux Tenebrae

Last week I was (yet again) asked to contribute to a radio programme, BBC Tees Mike Parry show, and the question I was asked was whether there was an age when women should stop wearing a bikini. Certainly not.
We can wear whatever we like and whatever we feel comfortable in at any age, that's the bottom line. If I want to wear a bikini I will wear it,  who says I cannot, just because I am over fifty? I am very comfortable with my body.
The French in this respect have a very healthy attitude. French women do not have any problem about being themselves and wearing, most gracefully, whatever they want.  The French motto seems to be 'everything in moderation'. I have adopted it, it is a good standard to apply in most situations.


  1. How to get a perfect bikini body:

    1) Have a body
    2) Put a bikini on it

    Step 2 is optional.

  2. Elle is also known among the naturist community for saying, "I come from a country where you don't wear clothes most of the year. Nudity is the most natural state....I was born nude and I hope to be buried nude."

  3. Thanks Jochanaan for this, I had no idea! Elle is beautiful, smart and witty. Love her!

  4. I adore this post. If I were Elle I would wear dental floss.
    Lyn Www.thelavenderbarn.blogspot.com


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