Still on grey hair and the Duchess of Cambridge

Photographer: Isabella Bambagioni. Model: me

Oh God, this is getting a bit boring, please forgive this new post again on grey hair. But it is in the news and for all the wrong reasons.  Now the Daily Mail seems to have taken up the cause of grey haired women,  coming out with, wait for it, headlines such as "I am proof going grey can make you look years YOUNGER". Oh dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear.  Once again the lure of looking young. I absolutely hate the spin given to it.
I have grey hair (silver). Have had it this colour for years. I even have Rapunzel style hair, to my hips. Don't get me wrong I love my hair as it is. Would not colour it, would not cut it. In my line of work I often have to negotiate with hair stylists who suggest that a good four inch off would do wonders to my look. My reply is always no - it has cost me bookings.
Yet I think headlines like that of the Daily Mail are seriously, I mean, seriously wrong. Grey hair does not make you look younger, not particularly, no more than coloured hair does. Once you are a certain age, you are a certain age. Age goes up. It never goes down - only in Kubrick's 2001 that is, demonstrating the universe shrinking, you go from being decrepit to being a foetus.

Photographer: Justyna Neryng

Grey hair may suit your complexion better, because as you grow older harsh dark colours do not. So grey hair may give you a softer look. still needs a lot of styling - if you are not blessed with a thick mane you need a good cut. You still need to complement your grey hair  with the right make up, with colours that, once again, suit your skin tone. still need to hit the gym or the yoga studio or whatever does it for you and work out regularly  because toned arms and legs go a long way NOT to take years off you - that will never happen - but to make you look and feel good.
We have a very high profile example of a woman, still in her thirties,  who is battling her grey and that is the Duchess of Cambridge. No doubt she is under tremendous pressure to colour. The fact she is not yet forty goes to show that grey hair can happen when you are still young. It is a genetic thing. But neither it is a marker of old age nor is it of young age.
If the Duchess were to embrace her grey that would be so immensely liberating for so many women. In their article on going grey The Guardian said that only courageous women dare to go grey.
I wonder whether the Duchess could be that courageous.


  1. Well, the Daily Mail does seem to suffer from a disease common to cattle on ranches here in the Western United States: "hoof-in-mouth disease." *lol*

    (Have you seen the video of Amanda Palmer singing her song "Dear Daily Mail"? Hilarious and on point. :) )

  2. Would love it if the duchess embraced her grey hair.
    I think you have to have a huge amount of confidence to stop dying your hair, especially if you are middle aged, anti-Botox and overweight as I am.
    I would love to see more sassy, theatrical middle-aged women rock grey hair.
    You have inspired me especially with photos showing your toned, dancer's body; and your film 'Visiting Hour'. They showed me how beautiful and alluring a silver haired, middle aged woman can be.

  3. Thank you Silver and Curves, I appreciate your comment


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