Hello 2021

It's been a very tough 2020 but the new year does not seem to begin in the most exciting way. Forget about Brexit, which to me was, and is, very sad, we are still in the grips of Covid19 and London is in tier 4. No galleries and no museums to visit, socialising is restricted and so on and so forth. 
The only thing that one can do is walk and I intend doing as much walking as possible, as the days, very slowly, rather imperceptibly, get longer. There are wonderful walks one can go on around London, all you need is a pair of comfy shoes and the will to go. For example, there is the Londinium walk, along the ancient Roman walls. My son told me that once, years ago, when he was still at uni, he accidentally found himself on it while trying to get home at some ungodly hour, two or three am, when the only transportation available was infrequent night busses. It was weird, he said, I did not know where I was, then I googled it and there I was, walking behind the  Barbican and enjoying the view.
I would not go that late (or early, depending on your POV) certainly not on my own, but I might get up at 6 am to do it, let's see. It is definitely on my check list.

Santiago de Compostela's Cathedral

You could walk from North London, where I live, to Richmond, but clearly you need time (5 hours minimum), provisions and stamina . It is good training for those who want to go on walking tours or do the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage (many people do not do it as a pilgrimage, they just go on it for the sheer joy of walking. Along the way there are special hotels and hostels to spend the night, low-cost or entirely free, but only for those who are doing the walk and have been certified as bona fide pilgrims).
So this is my New Year's resolution: walk. Other than that, I am keeping it all small, living day by day, focussing on the present, rather than make grandiose plans. 
I try not to think of all the things I miss. Let's be positive: 2021 marks a new beginning. 
Bye for now!

Update 15/01/21: such walks are not permitted as per the current rules, so I shall have to wait for better times!