About this blog

I write this blog for fun, to express my views and opinions, to showcase my work as a model by inserting photos of me in posts (without necessarily linking them to the post's theme, though lately I have been paying attention to this), and occasionally to show my own photography (still working at it but have not used my camera in a while now). This blog has also been a useful research tool: when I did my research on Indonesian contemporary fashion, in Jakarta, I used the blog as a supplement to my field notes.
Some of my early posts contain some artistic nudity, mostly implied, hence the 'mature content label' and some of my posts may be a tad controversial. The blog tends to be lighthearted, blog posts are not in-depth essays. 
If artistic nudity in photos and in paintings offends you, stop reading at once.  The same applies if you are under eighteen, there is a 'mature content' warning in place.
Though the blog is a labour of love, donations are welcome! Use the 'buy me a cup of coffee' link  in the page with that title if you wish to donate. I will appreciate your lovely gesture and I thank you for it in advance.