This blog is 'semi-archived' on Blogger and moving to Substack


Photo:Veronica Di Maggio

Hello and thank you for stopping by. This blog is no longer updated. In an age where social media reigns, the allure of blogging has definitely dimmed.

My intent was never commercial; I didn't start this blog to earn money by endorsing products. It was the joy of connection and the chance to write about topics that fascinated me that drew me in. In its heyday, this space also served as an additional  portfolio for my modelling work (which you can still find here).

Modelling is no longer a focal point for me, it has become an occasional endeavour rather than my main activity.

My creative journey has taken a literary turn — from penning non-fiction to delving into the realms of fiction. Having stepped back from the academic world some years ago, the rigorous structure of research papers and monographs no longer appeals to me. Academic research thrives on collaboration, a chapter of my life I have since closed. Nevertheless a book on fashion, sustainability and the economy of solidarity - possibly my last - is about to be published by Bloomsbury. Nearer the time I shall share more details. 

This blog will not serve as a platform for my short stories. They are being crafted for the pages of magazines and, eventually, the shelves of bookstores under the stewardship of traditional publishers. I might use themes I have explored through my posts as an inspiration for my stories.

In sum,  I have chosen to step away from using this blog as a conduit for my personal commentaries and opinions.

I considered fully archiving this blog permanently, but then it struck me — why not let it stand? It represents a significant body of work that I am not ready to erase. Perhaps someone will find pleasure in perusing my  thoughts.

Comments are still welcome, I am notified by email when someone writes, and I will  make an effort to reply.

Here’s to embracing the new and transforming the old.